The Classic is essentially a modern version of the original Aliner that has been in production for more than 30 years. This is the basis for the design of every Aliner model, so it falls squarely in the middle in regards to factors like size, weight, and features. While it’s bigger and heavier than the Ranger 10 or Scout, it’s not as big or as heavy as the Expedition. If you’re looking for the “classic” Aliner experience, then the Classic is the model that you’re looking for.

aliner classic

The Classic is the baseline Aliner uses to design all of its pop up campers.

Aliner Classic Features and Options

Since the Classic is a step up from the Ranger and Scout models, it offers a lot of additional standard equipment. Some of the standard equipment that’s included with the Aliner Classic includes:

  • Exterior shower
  • Four stabilizer jacks (only two included with Ranger and Scout models)
  • Electric brakes (incl. breakaway switch)
  • Two baggage doors (Ranger includes only one)
  • Two smoked skylights (Ranger includes one, Scout has an optional skylight)
  • Fan-tastic vent
  • Front diamond plate
  • Refrigerator (3.0 cu.ft. standard)
  • Microwave

Like Aliner’s other models, the Classic has an optional “off road” package. This package includes  3,000 lb. axle and 14″ tires. The Classic also includes a lot of optional features that aren’t available from the Ranger or Scout, such as dormers (pop up sections that provide additional head room).

Some of the optional features of the Classic include:

  • Front and rear dormers
  • Lift assist
  • Storage box and tray
  • 16,000 BTU furnace (electronic ignition)
  • Titanium exterior (vs. aluminum)
  • A/C unit (5,000 BTU)
  • Heat pump (11,500 BTU)
  • Dual propane tanks
  • Stereo (incl. interior and exterior speakers)
  • High wind kit
  • Awning

Aliner Classic Floor Plan


Aliner Classic floor plan

The Classic includes an optional full/double mattress.