Livin Lite

Livin’ Lite was founded by Scott Tuttle in order to address the niche market of campers who drive passenger cars, mini-cans, crossovers, small SUVs, and other vehicles with limited towing power. Although they also produce travel trailers, truck campers, and fifth wheels, their original focus on lightweight pop up campers shows in both their main QuickSilver line and their “trail rated” campers.

Some pop up camper manufacturers advertise that they don’t use any wood “above the hinge,” but Livin’ Lite takes it a step further. None of their pop up campers utilize any wood in their construction, which means that there isn’t anything there that can rot. Additionally, they use an all-aluminum construction that means their campers can’t rust either.

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Livin’ Lite Contact Information

574-862-2202 (Fax) 

P.O. Box 528
1025 E. Waterford
Wakarusa, IN 46573