Aliner is the original a-frame pop up camper manufacturer, and their name is synonymous with the design itself. Unlike some other a-frame manufacturers, Aliner makes nothing but a-frames. Their campers feature a number of engineering and design touches that have been refined through 30 years of building these campers, including a spring-powered mechanism that allows you to set up an Aliner without any outside assistance.

The heaviest Aliner pop up camper weighs in at less than 2,000lbs, and the smallest is just a touch over 1,000lbs with a hitch weight of only 120lbs. While these pop ups definitely aren’t in the pop up tent-on-trailer category, there are viable options available for smaller tow vehicles.

Aliner’s current lineup includes:

ModelLengthHitch Weight (dry)Dry WeightGVWR
aliner scout
15'120 lbs.1,174 lbs.2,100 lbs.
aliner ranger
12'8" - 18'200 - 220 lbs.1,200 - 1,800 lbs.2,100 - 3,000 lbs.
aliner classic
15'190 lbs.1,530 lbs.2,100 lbs.
aliner expedition
18'240 lbs.1,800 lbs.3,000 lbs.
Note: Aliner offers an "off road" package that, among other things, adds an additional 500-700 lbs. to the GVWR due to a beefier axle. The numbers in our comparison chart reflect the vanilla packages.

Aliner Contact Information

724-423-8485 (Fax)
1297 Kecksburg Road
Mt Pleasant, PA 15666